Italian-Americans Rebuild Columbus Statue in Baltimore | VDARE Video Bulletin
April 28, 2022, 03:39 PM
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During the anti-white George Floyd riots of 2020, a statue of Christopher Columbus was destroyed in Baltimore. In fact, it happened in front of police, who did nothing as the statue of Columbus was thrown into the Harbor. To add insult to injury, the city of Baltimore made no effort to retrieve the statue, which was originally dedicated by Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Imagine that. Just 38 years ago, Italians were so well respected for their many contributions to the United States that the President himself dedicated a 17 ton statue in their honor. And now, when that statue is tossed into the Harbor by a woke mob of spoiled teenagers, the city tells those same Italian Americans that if they want it back, they’ll have to fish it out themselves. Well, they did. A group of Italian Americans forked up $8,000 just to retrieve the statue from the water.

And two years later, a local sculptor named Will Hemsley has successfully rebuilt the statue in marble. A project that cost him $80,000.

Paul Kersey writes for

“Our cities can be destroyed. Our monuments defaced.

But our cities can be rebuilt; our monuments recast.

What came before us can be destroyed. But it can be rebuilt too.

The ultimate question: What happens when a people not only survive the purge of their past and present, but rebuild what was desecrated?

What happens to those who tried to destroy what was, what is, and what will be for our posterity?"


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