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November 25, 2021, 12:14 PM
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As Americans gather their families around the table for some turkey, the war on thanksgiving continues, as the left doubles down on the notion that Thanksgiving is a celebration of White-perpetrated genocide and colonialism. 

The classical imagery and storytelling of our Anglo-Saxon forefathers sharing a meal with the Indians has become a taboo, as leftist activists labeled this as “historically inaccurate” and “problematic”. As Cultural Marxists continue to insist the holiday is racist, it goes to show The War on Thanksgiving is about erasing the legacy of the founders of the Historic American Nation. 

Before our pilgrim forefathers discovered and founded America, there lived the indegenous tribes, constantly at war with each other. As Ann Coulter writes:

“The Pilgrims also had much to be thankful for on that first Thanksgiving. Of the approximately 100 passengers on the Mayflower, only half survived the first winter, felled by scurvy, malnutrition and the bitter cold. And the ones who made it did so largely thanks to the friendly Wampanoag, who shared their food with the Europeans and taught them how to till the land.”

The relations between the Pilgrims and Wampanoag are smeared by history revisionists as one of genocide, bloodshed and war. James Fulford points out,

“The Wampanoag Indians who allied with the Pilgrims against the Iroquois—happy to have allies with firearms—had 50 years of peace.” In fact, “The Indians (not the Wampanoag) tried to destroy America at its birth, and tried, by massacring women and children, to prevent the settlement of the American West.” 

In spite of the left rewriting history in an attempt to defame the legacy of the Historic American Nation, we continue to celebrate thanksgiving, and the settlers who built this country.

This year, spend time with your loved ones, and share with them the real history behind the founding of the American Nation. Read more on VDARE.com, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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