Collins Family Mass Murder: Was Gonzalo Lopez An Immigrant? | VDARE Video Bulletin
June 07, 2022, 03:36 PM
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A hitman for the Mexican Cartel serving consecutive life sentences in Leon County, Texas escaped incarceration last month. On May 12, convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez stabbed a corrections officer before hijacking a bus while being transported between prisons.

Lopez would remain on the lam for three weeks, when on June 2nd, the sicario made forceful entry into the home of the Collins family in Centreville, Texas, whereafter he went on to to murder 66-year-old Mark Collins, and his four grandons, Waylon, Carson, Hudson and Bryson.

Just hours after their bodies were discovered, Lopez was located by authorities driving a stolen white truck. After a short chase, officers engaged in an armed standoff with the sicario. Gonazlo Lopez was struck by officers and killed at the scene.

Eugene Gant writes for

Texas cops shot and killed Gonzalo Lopez, the man who murdered five members of the Collins family, but we can rest assured that Joe Biden won’t fly to Texas to console them. Vice President Kamala Harris won’t go, or neither will anyone else in the Biden Regime. Because the murderer was a contract killer for the Mexican Mafia.

The very cartels that control our Southern Border.

In 2005, Lopez committed a contract murder in Texas on behalf of the La Mana drug cartel from Tamaulipas, Mexico.

But no one in the media is asking or saying if he's a Mexican-American or an immigrant from Mexico, legal or illegal.

Is this another Immigrant Mass Murder? 

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