Collins Family Mass Murder: MSM Won't Say Or Even Ask If Escaped Killer Gonzalo Lopez Was An Immigrant
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Texas cops shot and killed Gonzalo Lopez, the man who murdered five members of the Collins family, but we can rest assured that Joe Biden won’t fly to Texas to console them [Authorities fatally shoot convicted murderer who killed family of five while on the lam, by Reese Oxner, Texas Tribune, June 3, 2022]. Vice President Kamala Harris won’t go, or neither will anyone else in the Biden Regime. Because the murderer was a contract killer for the Mexican Mafia named Gonzalo Lopez.

The MSM won't say if the homicidal Mexican maniac was an illegal alien or an immigrant at all. But his history shows just how dangerous the drug cartels at the border have become thanks to the refusal of federal authorities to wipe them out. 

Beyond that, his escape from prison in early May, which enabled him to murder 66-year-old Mark Collins and his four grandsons, Waylon, Carson, Hudson and Bryson—18 years old, 16, 11 and 11—shows what happens when murderers don’t get the shot of sodium thiopental and pancurium bromide they so richly deserve.

Lopez murdered a man with a pickaxe in 2005 for the La Mana cartel. In 2004, he tried to murder two sheriff’s deputies. He was serving consecutive life sentences when he commandeered a prison bus and escaped.

Two obvious points: 

  • First, Mexican drug cartels control the border. If they didn’t, they couldn’t build a network of stash houses. 
  • Second, had Lopez been executed as he should have been, the Collins family would be alive.

Instead of fretting about Ukraine and making war on law-abiding Americans by taking their guns, maybe  Biden should worry about the border and make war on the Mexican drug cartels who murder white Americans.

About the "Mexican" thing—Lopez committed a contract murder in Texas on behalf of the La Mana drug cartel from Tamaulipas, Mexico, which means he must be a Mexican in the sense of having Mexican ancestors [GONZALO ARTEMIO LOPEZ v. THE STATE OF TEXAS—Appeal from 92nd District Court of Hidalgo County].

But no one in the media is asking or saying if he's a Mexican-American or an immigrant from Mexico, legal or illegal.

Is this another Immigrant Mass Murder?



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