Catholic Charities Behind El Paso Illegal Alien Clean-Up? | VDARE Video Bulletin
January 11, 2023, 01:45 PM
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El Paso, Texas, the border state directly beside Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez, (SEE-YOU DAD WHA-REZ) is awash with illegal aliens, or was at least. Photos taken from just last Wednesday show the downtown streets of El Paso swarming with camps of illegal aliens just ahead of President Biden’s visit which took place on Sunday. But on Thursday, just a couple days before Biden would ultimately arrive, the illegals suddenly disappeared from the streets. Reports say that local police began mass arrests ahead of the President’s visit, but according to Former Agent on 

“… my friends suspect they got some help from Catholic Charities in getting rid of them.  They probably shipped them around the country.”

As Former Agent reported in February of 2022, a network of charities known as Catholic Charities is known for their work in supporting the Great Replacement. Here’s Sister Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, flat out admitting that the group receives federal money to relocate illegal aliens around the United States:

VIDEO LINK: (22 minutes in)

Michelle Malkin reported last July that Catholic Charities “raked in $4 billion in 2016, $1.2 billion of which came from government sources.”

Accounting for more than one-third of their income, taxpayers are the largest single source of funding for Catholic Charities.

Again in 2016, Catholic Charities used American taxpayers money, as well as money from the collection plates of your local church, to serve over 400,000 immigrants and refugees. Those immigrants, towards which no distinction is made whether they are legal or illegal, received: "interpreter services, job placement, employment training, outreach, counseling, legal services, and matched savings programs."

So likely, Catholic Charities is behind “cleaning-up” El Paso ahead of Biden’s visit. A move that gives the mainstream media an excuse to claim the invasion isn’t nearly as bad as it really is.

It's unfortunate that the police department meekly complies with this, just like Border Patrol management does.

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