El Paso Hides The Homeless Illegals For Biden Visit—With Help From Catholic Charities?
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Earlier, 2019: Jim Acosta Goes To McAllen, TX, Can’t Find Border Crisis. McAllen IS A Border Crisis!

According to my friends down on the border, before Biden came through, illegal aliens were all over the streets of downtown El Paso near the bus station.  Suddenly, they all disappeared. 

El Paso PD was seen largely rounding them up, but my friends suspect they got some help from Catholic Charities in getting rid of them.  They probably shipped them around the country.  See my earlier Catholic Charities’ Sister Pimentel Admits To Receiving Federal Funds To Fly Illegals Around The Country.

I’m told they did the same thing when Mayorkas came down for a visit.  They also cleaned up some of the tent city that was overflowing for Biden’s visit.

It’s unfortunate that the police department meekly complies with this, just like Border Patrol management does.  This gives the mainstream media an excuse to claim the invasion is not as bad as what those ”right wing extremists” claim it is.


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