Blacks Dominate Minneapolis Gun Violence | VDARE Video Bulletin
August 16, 2022, 01:47 PM
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Ever since the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis was allowed to be burned down by Black Lives Matter terrorists on May 28, 2020, our entire society has been dismantled in the name of fighting systemic inequality, implicit bias, and white privilege.

Dead White Males, long revered by their posterity in America, have seen their statues desecrated, pulled down, or destroyed.

And yet the lawlessness ushered in by the capitulation of the state, who surrendered their monopoly on violence to BLM terrorists, is still somehow the fault of white people

As an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that “gunfire” is disproportionately claiming black victims in Minneapolis

The demographics of the city are as follows:

Whites make up 60% of the population, followed by blacks at just 19%

And yet, in gun violence stats for both victims and suspects, blacks are vastly over represented in the 2022 police data. 83% of Minneapolis’ victims of shootings are black, while 89% of suspects are black.

The article continues to cite the rising popularity of illegal gun modifications in black communities. Commonly referred to as a “Glock Switch”, auto-sears for handguns are popping up more and more in gang related shootings, leading to an increased amount of bystanders being caught by gunfire.

Paul Kersey reacts on

"Is this article arguing not if enough white people are getting shot in Minneapolis, and that this discrepancy is somehow an example of the racism of bullets?"

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