Biden Regime Terrorizing Legacy Americans with Illegal-Alien Thugs | VDARE Video Bulletin
March 28, 2022, 03:58 PM
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Is Keeping Illegal-Alien Thugs In The Country Part Of A Plan To Terrorize The Historic American Nation Into Accepting Their Dispossession?

A.W. Morgan notes on

"The 63% decrease in arrests and deportation of illegal-alien criminals and the 170% increase in arrests of “non-criminal” illegals appears to be the exact opposite of what Homeland Security Chief Mayorkas promised.

But maybe things aren’t as they appear. Maybe Mayorkas is keeping dangerous criminals here for a reason: as an army of potential terrorists and replacement enforcers."

So what, exactly, is the Brandon Regime’s policy?

Last year in May, documents turned up by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich in his lawsuit against the Biden Regime which showed that the regime had no plans to deport more than 8,000 dangerous criminals.

Their crimes ranged from homicides, to sex crimes, burglary, kidnapping, and robbery.

And though the number of arrests of “non-criminal” illegals jumped 170% from fiscal 2020, the number of “non-criminal” deportations collapsed, just as the number of criminal deportations collapsed.

Illegals deported for “other immigration violations” dropped 79% from 66,935 to 14,078.

All the illegals become Democrat voters; maybe the violent criminals will join Black Panthers as poll watchers.

Read more by A.W. Morgan here.

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