70% of Americans Say Immigration is a "Good Thing" | VDARE Video Bulletin
August 12, 2022, 04:32 PM
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A recent Gallup immigration poll suggests that 38% of Americans want to decrease immigration. 27% polled responded saying immigration should be increased, while 31% want to keep it at current levels.

The demographic breakdown is about what one would expect: 69 percent of Republicans want immigration reduced, a 21-point increase since 2020. Thirty-three percent of Independents want it reduced, and as one would expect, just 17 percent of Democrats want less of it.

As for whether immigration is good or bad, a frightening 70 percent of those polls still think it’s good. Republicans are about evenly divided 46 percent to 45, while Independents and Democrats, 75 and 86 percent, think it’s good.

But these numbers don’t give us the whole picture, as A.W. Morgan writes for VDARE.com:

Discussing “immigration” in the abstract doesn’t reveal much. Perhaps asking Americans what they think of illiterate illegal aliens colonizing their schools and neighborhoods, or whether anti-American Indian immigrants should take over Big Tech, would elicit more skeptical answers.

Read more by A.W. Morgan here.

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