Zoomers: Hands Off Our Guns
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Earlier by John Derbyshire: Why Bitter Whites "Cling" To Guns—Even MORE Bitter Black People

CoD beats Hogg. Boomers want gun control. Millennials and especially Zoomers, not so much. This is a topic that has been visited and revisited here because it is one the corporate media and sloppy conventional wisdom so consistently get wrong.

The latest illustration comes from a recent SurveyUSA poll of residents of the state of Georgia. Three of the questions concern gun control. The graphs below depict the percentages favoring the pro-gun position on each question. “Not sure” responses, constituting 13% of the total, are excluded:

These results come despite the fact that whites are more pro-gun than non-whites and Republicans are more pro-gun than Democrats. Older cohorts are whiter and more Republican than younger cohorts, yet younger cohorts are more pro-gun than older cohorts. Though the relevant cross-tabs are not available, this suggests young white Republicans are very pro-gun and the non-white, Democrat opposition to guns comes from old people, not young ones.

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