Your Tax Dollars at Work: Illegal Aliens` Luxurious Jails More Like Hotels
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Last June, I wrote about DHS’ plans to upgrade jail accommodations for illegal alien prisoners to become rather cushy: Coming Soon from Obama: Alien Detention Center with Continental Breakfasts.


Now, we see the plan in action, in Arizona no less:

‘Deluxe’ Immigration Jail in Florence Takes Heat, Fox News Phoenix, November 17, 2010

Whether you are in favor of immediate deportation or comprehensive immigration reform, after illegal immigrants are arrested in Arizona, their remaining time north of the border might be a bit too comfortable for some.

We’re taking a look at one of the main detention centers for illegal immigrants. We wanted to take you behind closed doors to see for yourself the kind of treatment detainees are getting in Florence.

Detainees in blue uniforms have no previous criminal convictions. Orange uniforms mean they have minor convictions for things like drunk driving. Those with violent criminal convictions are usually taken to the Pinal County Jail and wear red uniforms.

“The things the public would be surprised at is the treatment that our ICE detainees receive here,” says Ed Preciado, ICE Asst. Field Office Director at the Phoenix field office.

Some people are angry that the U.S. spends hundreds of millions of dollars for centers like these, including Peter Gadiel.

“In effect, we’ve made illegal aliens privileged people who get better treatment than Americans do. It’s wrong,” says Gadiel, a member of New York Immigration Control and Enforcement.

According to Preciado, during the last three years, the number of people that ICE’s Phoenix field office has detained and removed from the country has actually gone up — from 76,000 people during fiscal year 2008, to 92,000 so far this year.

As we walked through the temporary housing area, we saw detainees watching TV, playing cards and chatting. They get up to 5 hours a day of recreation and get to spend hours playing soccer and basketball — and critics say this is almost like a vacation — a vacation that costs taxpayers billions of dollars.

They get two hot meals a day. A spokesperson for the detention center says the quality of food provided to the detainees is the same as that provided to our U.S. military because it comes from the same supplier.

“If I commit a crime, I’m not going to be sent to a vacation camp. I’m going to be sent to jail. And that’s what should happen to illegal aliens,” says Gadiel. “These people should not be treated like our military. They should be treated like criminals.”

Officials at the Florence detention center are also proud of the medical care they offer.

“They get the best medical treatment. If one of the detainees in this facility has a medical issue, they’re seen within 24 hours by our medical staff. I know, myself, if I have to see my doctor, I’ll be lucky if I get seen in a week,” says Preciado.

Bear in mind that the President just announced he would remove the National Guard from three out of four border states in February (now that the election is over) — so you see where Obama’s priorities are:

Obama administration plans to pull back National Guard from much of the border, Washington Examiner, by Sara Carter, November 19, 2010

The Obama Administration plans to withdraw National Guard troops from the Texas, New Mexico and California borders by the end February under a new Southwest security plan, even as turmoil in Mexican border cities grows, according to documents obtained by The Washington Examiner.

A letter sent to various members of the Texas Congressional delegation from Texas’ Gov. Rick Perry’s office says, “In February, 2011, the Texas, New Mexico, and California National Guard forces that were deployed to the border in September, 2010, under President’s Obama’s Southwest Border Augmentation Plan, will have 30 days to complete a total draw down of forces.”

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