"You Ruined Your Own Communities, Don't Ruin Ours"—Chicago Whites Demonstrate Against Black Lives Matter After Black Shot
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Commenter Muse points out that last weekend there was a cops-shoot-black-man-in-white-neighborhood story that would have been huge national news a few months ago, especially because local whites counterdemonstrated against Black Lives Matter with signs such as:
You ruined your own communities

Don’t ruin ours


But this news is being sat on by the national press. Muse writes:
Over the weekend in Chicago, an off duty fireman approached a car that was blocking the entrance to a firehouse. A dispute ensued, and two off duty policemen became involved and the African American driver was shot to death. He reportedly was brandishing a gun. Crickets from the national media. Here we have a cop shooting a black man, and all of a sudden no one except local Chicago media wants to talk about it. Who called the dogs off on election night eve?

Mt. Greenwood is an interesting neighborhood. Mostly ethnic Irish city workers. Cops, fireman, Streets and San (water department) etc. These are the best jobs in the metropolitan area for the blue collar workers, but they have to live in the city due to the residency requirement for Chicago workers. They have nowhere else to go on he southside, so it looks like they are making a stand. There was a face off yesterday between local residents and BLM yesterday.



A second protest is scheduled for tomorrow.



This has to be the biggest anti-BLM demonstration yet.

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