“You Have To Tell The Truth”—Nicholas Stix On Why VDARE.com Writers (Like Him) Must Have Your Help!
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Although I work for a man who looks like an, ahem, mature hippie, this is not Rolling Stone!Peter-Brimelow

One way to tell the difference is in the two publications’ track records in foisting hoaxes on the public.

Rolling Stone is currently notorious for Sabrina Rubin Erdeley’s UVA Rape Hoax, which she created together with coed Jackie Coakley.

In contrast, VDARE.com is notorious for telling the truth.

Yet powerful forces, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, are dedicated to shutting down VDARE.com; no such forces are arrayed against Rolling Stone. On the contrary, the powerful—the Associated Press and the Columbia School of Journalism—rushed to RS’ aid.

Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner announced that he is not firing any of the perps—not Erdeley, her editors Sean Woods and Will Dana, or chief fact-checker Coco McPherson. They will all continue working at the magazine!

Similarly, the 1987-1988 Tawana Brawley Hoax, and 2006-2007 Duke Rape Hoax were both obviously fake to investigators (e.g. me) on Day One. But the Main Stream Media didn’t want to know the truth.

And no one at Duke University was fired, or even reprimanded, either. Not the almost 100 professors who terrorized innocent white male student/athletes with a signed advertisement proclaiming their guilt, or President Richard Brodhead, who violated the victims’ legal rights. Nine years later, Brodhead is still Duke’s president.

Although no one in the MSM has, to my knowledge, has seen fit to give Steve Sailer credit, he played a pivotal role in debunking the UVA hoax, in blogs posted on VDARE.com.

VDARE.com was on the UVA hoax like white on rice, with further blogs by James Kirkpatrick, Eugene Gant and James Fulford, and columnist Ann Coulter, who devoted two hilarious columns to it.

James Kirkpatrick focused on the terror campaign against traditionally white fraternities at UVA and across the country, which has inspired so many rape hoaxes, and the need for the fraternities to fight back with lawsuits.

Eugene Gant and James Fulford focused on, among other things, Sabrina Rubin Erdeley’s apparent career-long history of writing hoaxes for Rolling Stone.

In fact, VDARE.com has a long history of exposing hoaxes foisted on the public by the MSM. Editor-Publisher Peter Brimelow has commissioned and published many of my investigative reports on rape and race hoaxes at Duke University, the University of California San Diego, and the University of Texas/Austin, as well as the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Central Park Five hoaxes.

Since 2004, Peter has published a series of my exposés of police departments’ practice of reporting fraudulent crime statistics, which I have variously called, “disappearing” crime and “fakestats,” which demolished the myth of a revolution in crime-fighting.

Peter has also published what amounts to a book’s worth of my reports on the federal government’s war on the white working class, suppressing its resistance to dispossession with “Exemplary Punishment” via the Politically Correct court system, and another book’s worth of reports on the racial atrocity I dubbed the Knoxville Horror, as well as many other reports of mine on racial atrocities that the MSM seem to have missed, line the Pearcy Massacre, and the War on White police. Finally, he has published numerous works, of which I’m immensely proud, on America’s immigration disaster.

Peter has republished many of my articles in the annual VDARE.com anthologies. And he would publish whole books of my work, if only I would finish them!

Peter is VDARE.com’s editor, publisher, chief cook and bottle-washer. He launched VDARE.com on Christmas Eve, 1999—fifteen years ago! Translated from Internet into real years, what is that 105? Whatever, online it’s an eternity.

Peter was already a well-known journalist when he was whitelisted by William F. Buckley at National Review. He founded VDARE.com to make the case for immigration reform, and to cover the National Question.

Before the phrase was turned upside down by the Treason Lobby, “immigration reform” meant limiting legal immigration, and, through enforcement and targeted deportations of illegal aliens, encouraging the rest to go home voluntarily.

The National Question is whether America can continue to exist as the expression of a distinctive people—as opposed to being reduced to the status of a universal flophouse, to adapt Teddy Roosevelt.

I started reading VDARE.com that first year, and it quickly became my favorite periodical, even though it was years before I’d submit work to Peter.

That wouldn’t happen until 2004, when Peter published my first exposé on “‘Disappearing’ Urban Crime.” That exposé ran 3,300 words. (Please rescue me, by urging Peter to have me write more 3,000-word exposés—he wants to imprison me within a 1,500-word limit!)

The psychologist Richard Herrnstein, co-author with Charles Murray of The Bell Curve, whom Peter interviewed on his deathbed, once said that in exchange for academic tenure, “You have to tell the truth.”

But the credo of today’s academic/media/Edworld is, if anything: “You have to lie.”

The rampant demand for lying, the censorship, and the politics of personal destruction, have redounded to VDARE.com’s benefit. Many of its stable of talented writers were blacklisted elsewhere or, as I call it, whitelisted.

  • Steve Sailer, whom I have accused of being the most brilliant journalist/intellectual alive, was also whitelisted by National Review.
  • John Derbyshire, who is disgustingly brilliant and witty (mathematics and politics—don’t you just hate people like that?), was whitelisted at … National Review. (Hmm, this seems to be a trend.); and
  • I’ve been whitelisted at so many places, I’ve lost track. Quite a few don’t even exist anymore.
Peter has assembled a stable of brilliant writers, some of them former Democrats, some of them still Democrats, who are nonetheless unwelcome in the “straight” journalism world: Brenda Walker (immigration and the environment/immigrant crime/job destruction through robotics); economist Edwin S. Rubenstein (creator of the VDARE.com American Worker Displacement Index); immigration reform legend Donald A. Collins; Latin America expert Alan Wall; immigration law expert “Federale,” race relations writer Paul Kersey; the aforementioned James Kirkpatrick (political movements/ideologies); Patrick Cleburne (GOP donors/non-profit finances); and James Fulford (writing on everything, plus hyperlinking and fact-checking).

To the regulars, add many talented intermittent contributors, and top syndicated columnists Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Michelle Malkin, whose columns all get exquisitely hyperlinked by James Fulford.

And VDARE.com maintains its complete archive of thousands of articles available for free.

All it takes is a little money. Unlike much better-financed outlets, which routinely stiff writers, e.g., the rolling-in-dough Huffington Post, Peter Brimelow pays his writers. However, because Peter keeps overhead down to the bare minimum (and has no printing and mailing costs), he is able to publish VDARE.com every day for less per year than other “respectable” outfits spend in a month.

Probably 99% of Internet publications don’t pay a dime. I know; I’ve written for many of them.

Please make a generous contribution, to help Peter continue providing America’s best journalism, to keep on fighting to save America—and to help feed my family and those of my colleagues.

I thank you, and your posterity will, too.


Nicholas Stix

Nicholas Stix

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