WZTK's Brad Krantz back to repression.
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Brad Krantz, Talk Show host on the Greensboro N.C. area’s WZTK, is apparently up to his old tricks again. Last December, we outed Krantz’s squalid repression of Peter Brimelow and VDARE.com. (This produced screams of rage from Krantz, but no invitation back on air to discuss the matter, which would have been impossibly honorable and brave.)

Now it seems Krantz is refusing to allow calls about the surreptitious push for North American Union. Blog.LibertyVideos.org says

...this morning, Brad and Britt read a letter from Roxane Premont of the ad-hoc grassroots group North Carolinians to Stop the North American Union.

Roxane had complained that the screener for their show was not letting calls come through that were trying to link the pending amnesty sell-out by our U.S. Senate to the larger effort to effectively erase our borders with Canada and Mexico via the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) launched by the Bush administration in March of 2005. While it was an honorable gesture to read Roxane's letter on the air, Brad and Britt went on to say that trying to equate the SPP to a EU like North American Union sounds too much like a "conspiracy theory." The "C" word being employed, no further explanation was apparently necessary.

Hmmm. ”Conspiracy” a taboo concept. An interest in hiding an effort to obliterate the nation. Is there a pattern here?

There clearly is a Krantz pattern of selective repression. As I remarked at the time, and again more recently, meeting political opponents with argument rather than repression is essentially an Anglo-Saxon habit. Many of other origins do not assimilate to it well. That was essentially the point of the American Thinker article the other day.

Brad Krantz is an embarrassment to Greensboro.

Interesting question: Could any Greensboro VDARE.com readers tell us how Krantz is handling the new Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill?

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