Richardson—Lopez—Richardson Lopez—What's in a Name?
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Bill Richardson has announced his candidacy for the presidency.

And just so you don't miss the point, he wants you to know his mother's maiden name—it's Lopez.

In Spanish-speaking countries, individuals have two official surnames, the father's surname (apellido paterno) and the mother's surname (apellido materno). (Here in Mexico, my official name is Allan Wall Dunlavy).

In Richardson's case, it's not just an interesting cultural/linguistic detail. The candidate is afraid that if people don't know his apellido materno, they might not know he's Hispanic. That's what he said in California: "California has a lot of Hispanic voters and they don't know I'm Hispanic." And so, quoth Richardson Lopez:

"I am saying 'It's Bill Richardson Lopez and I am one of you and I would like you to consider me, not because I am Hispanic but because I have the best program for the country' ."

[Call Me Lopez, Presidential Hopeful Says Mary Milliken, Reuters, May 22nd, 2007]

So, let me get this straight? Richardson Lopez says he's not seeking votes based on the fact that he is Hispanic, and yet he goes out of of his way to remind us of the fact?

Richardson Lopez also had this to say,

"If I am able to make a dent in states like California, Texas and Florida with large Latino populations, I am going to be a factor in this race."

Uh yes, it looks like Richardson Lopez is running on his Hispanic identity, doesn't it?

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