Wyoming GOP Governor Slurs Patriot Website Refugee Resettlement Watch As Racist
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Hate Fact : Leader of Wyoming Refugee campaign and family

The indefatigable and amazingly industrious Refugee Resettlement Watch – than which no more patriotic site exists – has just been slandered by the  Republican Governor of Wyoming: Wyoming governor: Some Internet posts about refugees are racist by Laura Hancock Star Tribune April 20 2014

CHEYENNE — Some of the opinions on the Internet about refugee resettlement in Wyoming are inaccurate and racist, Gov. Matt Mead said.…a blog called Refugee Resettlement Watch has a picture of a Gillette man and his family with the headline “The man who started the Wyoming refugee controversy."

Refugee Resettlement Watch, run by a Maryland resident, also lists crimes committed by refugees throughout the United States, and in one place the site asks, “Are you ready for this in Wyoming?”

“In terms of the comments, I’ve seen some of those, too, in particular, the racist comments,” Mead said. “I don’t think that represents Wyoming. But it is hard to see and hard to read. And some of them, frankly, I will not read.”

Refugee resettlement in Wyoming is a worthy debate, Mead said.

“Let’s not have the debate in terms none of us would be proud of,” he said.

I.E. which I might lose.

Of course, at VDARE.com we regard charges like these simply as proof that one is winning an argument with a liberal. And Governor Mead is a liberal on this issue – or worse. His statement that he will not read an opponent’s argument is contemptibly unworthy of and inconsistent with the Anglo-Saxon political tradition.

This all stems from his PC craziness reported by Paul Nachman in Wyoming Patriots: Refugees Are Coming! "Encourage" Your Clueless Governor To Head This Disaster Off! To curry favor with the Eastern/GOP Establishment Mead is trying to end Wyoming’s blessed status as the only State not cursed with a Refugee importation industry.

Happily, Mead has a Republican Primary opponent, Dr. Taylor Haynes who perhaps because he is Black is not afraid to state facts. Refugee Resettlement Watch reports:

Haynes, a medical doctor, also raises an issue that is increasingly on peoples’ minds—fear of diseases entering the US with refugees. (See our ‘Health issues’ category).

And cites another Star Tribune article:

Haynes opposes the idea.

“First there is a cultural language problem, which is a barrier to them being self-sufficient,” he said. “Second, there are communicable diseases from central Africa,” which is where a lot of refugees who need to resettle are from.

Communicable diseases include HIV, Ebola, Rift Valley fever, he said.

Haynes acknowledged some Americans have HIV and AIDS, “so why would you risk importing any more?”  [Refugees with TB and with HIV/AIDS are being permitted entry into the US and taxpayers are responsible for the cost of their treatment.—ed [Hospitals are banned from not treating indigent aliens; they can bill them all they like –VDARE.com]

While plenty of people from Central America move to the U.S. learn English and become successful, Haynes said, it’s easier for them because many American citizens are fluent in Spanish and can speak to them while they’re learning English. Culturally, they’re similar to Americans, Haynes said. That’s not the case with Africans, he said...

But many refugees are not educated or prepared culturally for the United States. A Wyoming community of 35,000 cannot support 2,000 refugees.

“We can’t solve their problem by bringing them here,” he said. “We have to help them with humanitarian aid, and my heart goes out to them. To make them our problem doesn’t solve their problem.”

(RSW emphasis:   Taylor Haynes least known Republican in race for Wyoming governor By Laura Hancock April 05 2014

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