WSJ Vs. American Laws
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October 19, 2007, 03:44 AM
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There`s a new WSJ editorial, online for free, about Judge Stephen Breyer, who shut down the "no-match" program. They approve:

Messed Up Manhunt - Messed Up Manhunt October 18, 2007; Page A16

A federal judge in San Francisco has put a crimp in the Bush Administration`s plans to solve the country`s illegal immigration problem on the backs of small business. The White House should rejoice at this defeat, and move on to Plan B.

A reader asks "So are we to disregard all the editorials denouncing the "out of control" 9th Circuit for decisions enforcing environmental laws big business doesn`t want enforced?" In which connection, it`s worth mentioning that when Elliott Spitzer decided to give licenses to illegals, it was the first thing he`d done in years that the WSJ liked.