WSJ Vs. American Laws
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There's a new WSJ editorial, online for free, about Judge Charles Breyer, who shut down the "no-match" program. They approve:

Messed Up Manhunt - Messed Up Manhunt October 18, 2007; Page A16

A federal judge in San Francisco has put a crimp in the Bush Administration's plans to solve the country's illegal immigration problem on the backs of small business. The White House should rejoice at this defeat, and move on to Plan B.

A reader asks "So are we to disregard all the editorials denouncing the "out of control" 9th Circuit for decisions enforcing environmental laws big business doesn't want enforced?" In which connection, it's worth mentioning that when Elliott Spitzer decided to give licenses to illegals, it was the first thing he'd done in years that the WSJ liked.

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