Hit-Run Killer Sentenced in Arizona
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Yesenia Angulo-Gastelum

When you think of illegal alien drivers who kill, you don't generally think of women. But Yesenia Angulo-Gastelum is a vile creature who ran down a man on a bicycle early in the morning and left him to die, because she didn't want to be deported.

She actively covered up her crime and only came to justice because her boyfriend ratted her out to police. Her sentence was less than four years in prison.

Angulo admitted in court on Aug. 20 to leaving the scene of a collision that killed 37-year-old Micheal Boulden, the ASU Foundation’s former chief of staff.

He was riding his bicycle east on Pinnacle Peak Road at 6 a.m. on Feb. 18 when Angulo, who was also driving east on her way to work, struck Boulden.

Boulden was later pronounced dead at the scene.

By the time police caught up with her, Angulo had repaired her broken windshield and tried to repair some of the other damage. [Woman gets maximum sentence in ASU hit-run, East Valley Tribune 10/12/07]

The man she killed was 37-year-old Michael Boulden, who had been an official with the ASU Foundation, a non-profit which supports Arizona State University. He had a three-year-old daughter, Maya.

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