WSJ On An American Terrorist (Not Alt-Right, He's An Egyptian Named Mohammed)
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When I saw this Tweet by the WSJ, my first thought was "Really? He doesn't look American."

The headline, once you click through is not "American accused" but our old friend "man accused"—Man Accused of Using eBay for Terrorist Funding Agrees to Plead Guilty | American allegedly accepted Islamic State funds sent over PayPal for possible terrorist attack in U.S., by Christopher S. Stewart and Mark Maremont, WSJ,  August 15, 2017.

A few excerpts with emphases added below show that while this, in the mind of the WSJ, not a story about immigration at all, let alone a story about Muslim immigration to the US, it would be to everyone else in the world, including the Islamic State plotters trying to take advantage of the situation:


The American man accused of using fake eBay transactions to receive Islamic State funds for a possible terror attack in the U.S. has agreed to plead guilty, according to a court filing.

Mohamed Elshinawy, who was living in Maryland when he was arrested in late 2015 on terror-related charges, is scheduled to appear for the guilty plea Tuesday in a Baltimore federal court.


U.S. prosecutors have charged 131 people in terror cases connected to Islamic State, according to the George Washington University Extremism Program. Most are U.S. citizens or permanent residents;[The latter are commonly known as "immigrants".] 77 have been convicted or pleaded guilty, including Mr. Elshinawy’s expected plea.

When Mr. Elshinawy hit the radar of federal investigators, he was living with a woman in a one-bedroom apartment in a bungalow complex outside Baltimore.

Born in Pittsburgh, Mr. Elshinawy mostly grew up in Egypt in a family of academics. By 2007, he was living in the U.S., according to his résumé, which is posted online…

Mr. Elshinawy, known as “Mo,” at one point drove a station wagon with a passenger window that didn’t work and a glove compartment stuffed with unpaid speeding tickets, people who knew him said.

He returned to Egypt at least twice, where his parents still lived, according to former landlords and his résumé. It was during a more-recent such trip that Mr. Elshinawy turned to Islamic State, federal investigators say.

He reunited there with a childhood friend who introduced him to a member of the terror group, which was looking for operatives in the U.S., a person familiar with the case said. They needed a “gofer,” this person said, someone to support or carry out an attack….

At one point, investigators received an alert that Mr. Elshinawy had been arrested after a speeding violation. They made sure local police didn’t do anything to compromise the investigation, according to the person.

If you use the CRTL-F trick, you'll discover that the words immigrant and all variations do not appear, neither does the word "Muslim" or any variation, except in the name of the Islamic State itself.

You'll also notice that he is only technically an American, being born of Egyptian parents, and raised in Egypt, which no doubt considered him a citizen. The WSJ is determined not to notice things like that, and has been for years.


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