WSJ highlights Immigration law Dereliction!!!!
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H/T the incredibly indefatigable and indispensible One Old Vet newsgathering site for

Does the ”Rule of Law’ Even Exist in the U.S. Anymore? By Ashby Jones The Wall Street Journal Law Blog June 15 2010

This reports on an article by George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley

Do laws even matter today? USA TODAY June 13 2010

Chiefly, he seems to be talking about our leaders’ impulse to change laws – or choose not to enforce them – if and when they don’t suit them or their constituents. Take immigration, writes Turley. The federal government flouts the law by refusing to take action against folks who are here illegally. Arizona passes a law, and the federal government works against it.
Indeed, high-ranking Obama officials . . . have suggested that they might refuse to deport those arrested under the Arizona law. While we continue to tell millions around the world that they must wait for years to immigrate legally, Congress and the White House are considering a new amnesty proposal to benefit an additional 11 million illegal immigrants.

This essay (to which I link again) is simply amazing to anyone used to the PC Totalitarianism in this area.

It is even more amazing to see this question mentioned in the Wall Street Journal - albeit in a Blog.

Commiserate with Ashby Jones and Jonathan Turley. They can forget promotion.

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