Wishful Thinking—CNN's John Berman Thinks No One Wants to See the President Attack the Media
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In the wishful thinking department, we hear from CNN's John Berman that people don’t like see the president eviscerate the media, as he did at yesterday’s now famous press conference.

As Trump was boarding Air Force on his way to speak at the Boeing plant, according to Mediaite, Berman noted that

Trump is now remembering to do the “presidential wave” every time he boards his plane, which he wasn’t doing in the first week or so of his term. Then, right as he went into the break, Berman shifted to the content of the address: “Going to talk about jobs, hopefully not criticize the media, that isn’t what people wanna hear.”
No, Mr. Berman, just … no. That’s exactly what people want to hear. That is why Trump won the election. And they were tired of people like you telling them what they want to hear.

The only people who won’t want to hear Trump shellac the media are media people.

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