Wisdom from the Boondocks
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Scrolling through Google News on ”Immigration” is always a valuable exercise. The clear message is that the impact of mass immigration is a much more powerful issue at the Grassroots than the MSM wants to admit. Apart from their quickly reporting immigration-caused disasters, quite often important conceptual articles can be found in the local media, never to appear in the household name national outlets.

One case in point is 98 percent of those arrested for illegal immigration never prosecuted - Alicia A. Caldwell | The Associated Press April 7, 2007 a perfectly sound if unsurprising documentation of a national scandal which as I write appears to have been carried only by one New Mexican newspaper.

But of more immediate importance is Democrats, White House at odds early on immigration reform Staff ReportsApril 7, 2007 By Michael Welles Shapiro

Medill News Service which at present only seems to have been picked up by the Greeley Tribune in Colorado.

WASHINGTON — The shaky alliance formed last year between Senate Democrats and the White House on immigration appears to be under stress as Congress moves toward consideration of a new reform bill this spring.

On its face this story suggests that the trouble is the arrogant demands by pro-immigrant forces that the various loopholes the White House has devised be cheaper and less restrictive:

the only interpretation we can have is that this is a way for political reasons of undermining the process," said Eric Gutierrez, legislative staff attorney for Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Gutierrez pointed to what he considers to be "exorbitant" $10,000 citizenship fees that the White House plan would charge for undocumented workers already in the U.S. The plan also would limit the ability of immigrants to bring adult family members into the country. Those are examples of unreasonable bargaining positions, he said.

My own view, however' is that in reality the Democrats, realizing that the GOP has what Marxists used to call a ”Contradiction” between the nation-murdering impulses of the White House and the reservations of the party at large, prefers to go into the next election with the Republicans unable to present a clear message.

But what is clear is that all players are apprehensive of the shadow cast by the evil Tom Tancredo and his like:

The pressures of the presidential campaign trail demonstrated recently why Democrats want to take up immigration reform sooner rather than later….On Monday, immigration hardliner Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., announced his presidential bid on an Iowa talk radio show, saying undocumented immigrants are putting "enormous strains on your social service system, on your educational system, on your prisons, on hospitals and health care."

Priscilla Falcon, (email her)a Hispanic Studies professor at the University of Northern Colorado, called the statements of Gingrich and Tancredo "a lot of public posturing"

"They know right now that this is it.”

Alas, for the historic American Nation, this may indeed be ”it”.

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