Wimpy Levels Of US Terrorism Deportations
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Michael J. Schiffen writes Associated Press:
U.S. immigration agencies say anti-terrorism is their primary mission, but they tried to deport only 12 people on terrorism-related charges from 2004 through 2006, according to a private research study released Sunday.

That group of 12 represents a tiny fraction of the 814,073 people the government tried to remove from the country during those three years. The study's authors acknowledge the figure understates the anti-terrorism effort by the Homeland Security Department's immigration agencies.

I haven't read this study, but 12 deportation in the current situation seems rather strange. I'm was surprised that all foreign guest workers on critical technical infrastructure weren't sent home.

Now, Machiavelli said that revolts of the oppressed don't happen when the oppression is going on—but when something takes place to distract the oppressor. I tend to see mass migration as a hugely oppressive measure directed towards multiple generations of less rich Americans.

Perhaps the rich and powerful really do have a reason to be less afraid of Arabs blowing up the buildings in which they work and play than they do the ultimate reaction of Americans to these horribly oppressive policies. US Elites can manage to maintain the highest level of incarceration of citizens of any country in the world, but can't manage to enforce US immigration policy. Eventual reaction appears inevitable unless the rich and powerful get a little imagination and vision fairly soon.

I see nothing in US immigration policy to suggest the rich and powerful bozos running the US are serious about security. The US borders aren't really secure—a coyote is just a bit more expensive—but certainly not out of the reach of Al Qaeda. There has been no real sensible reexamination of visas—no bonding requirements introduced, for example.

The US power elite seems hell bent on self-destruction. I suggest that VDARE.com readers start to seriously consider all criticism of US political and economic elites in a more positive light—and consider how they might fit within an America in which the existing liberal and monied GOP elites are completely discredited.

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