Will The Sotomayor Nomination Hurt The Republicans Or The Democrats? Depends On The Courage Of The Republican Leadership
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Dave Kopel on a recent poll of political bloggers:
Question 2 was "Regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, what will be the political impact on your party?" On the Left, 94% thought it would help their party, and on the Right, 67% thought it would hurt their party.

My answer was idiosyncratic. Although it's listed under "minor harm," I had voted for "minor help." I explained: "As a Democrat, I think it will help the party by mollifying some of the Hispanics who will be upset by Obama's inability to pass an amnesty program for illegal aliens. The nomination may also benefit Republicans, if Republican senators raise serious objections about some of Sotomayor's unpopular and legally weak decisions, such as Ricci, Maloney and Village of Port Chester."

One the one hand, I tend to react to the news that some good will come if the Republican leadership is willing to stand up and be counted by saying "Uh-oh!" On the other hand, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee is now Jeff Sessions, and he will stand up and be counted.
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