Can Obama Count?
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There is considerable puzzlement in the Blogosphere (but not of course in the MSM) as to how President Obama could possibly believe that America is
" of the largest Muslim countries in the world."

Obama Says U.S. Could Be Seen as a Muslim Country, Too By Jeff Zeleny The New York Times June 2, 2009

(For once I entirely agree with Jonah Goldberg. The MSM would have crucified Bush for such a blunder. Remember Dan Quayle's Potatoe?)

Obama may have a case of Dyscalculia. Or some other serious educational deficiency.

Steve Sailer, in America's Half Blood Prince, takes note that Obama

doesn't  show much affection for numbers. That doesn’t mean he’s bad with numbers, just that his mind follows paths that are more verbal than quantitative.”.
AHBP, P116
There is actually plenty of evidence of mathematical ability in his heritage. His mother was a math major. And his half brother on his father's side holds a Master's from Stanford in physics, - according to Steve, he makes his living in the field.

This is not the first time Obama has faltered over quantitative concepts. (Frankly, I relate. Before dreary work experience eroded the tendency, I would make the same mistakes myself.)

However, there is a much simpler explanation.

To Obama, White, Christian America— which he dislikes —simply does not really count. (This attitude is also at the root of most MSM discussion of the Hispanic vote too.) In his nonquantitative mind, Americans Muslims and American Christians are in a sense of equal weight.

Why should Christian America weigh with Obama? It has never obviously impinged on his life.

The answer of course is that without America's (possibly suicidal) Christian conscience, Obama would now be using his charm as a bar tender in Hawaii. If he existed at all.

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