Will Obama "Change" Include Free Speech Ban?
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Here at VDARE.com, with all the other considerations inherent in our new Majority/Minority Administration, we sometimes wonder if we will still be in business in four years time.

In other words will the new ”Democratic” hegemony force through ”Hate Speech” laws — censorship such is now disgracefully prevalent in Europe and Canada?

After all President Obama’s heritage is 50% African (Free Speech tradition: zero) and 50% deep-dyed US White Leftist (Free Speech tradition: very low, sometimes slightly tempered by expediency)

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A hint of the future has surfaced:

Court: Quit saying 'illegal aliens' But critics say, 'Let's call drug dealers undocumented pharmacists'

WorldNet Daily Nov 8 2006

Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor stirred up a hornet's nest by endorsing a demand from the Hispanic Bar Association to censor words and phrases such as "illegal aliens" and "illegal immigrants" and substitute "foreign nationals" in court documents.

Then, when a blog at Judicial Watch reported on the instructions, court officials threatened to sue the government-watchdog organization, prompting its release of a statement defending the story.

The original report said the chief justice had agreed to forward to judges the Hispanic Bar's demands to alter the language in court opinions and documents…

The letter, to which Judicial Watch provided a link, said McGregor took several steps to notify judges of the concerns raised by the bar association.

(Hat tip also ALIPAC)

The Hispanic Bar Association — a.k.a. Thought Police — whose letter is appended to Justice McGregor’s above - want to ban amongst other terms:

Illegals, Illegal Aliens, Illegal Immigrant, ”Reconquistadores” and Anchor Babies
One does not need to go all ’60-ish and Marshal McLuhan-ish to see this is an attempt to stifle debate. Eliminating the right to use specific words cripples opposition. What is intellectually — as opposed to polemically — objectionable to ”Anchor Babies”?

Interestingly, it appears that Chief Justice McGregor is part of an Arizona Judge clique endeavoring to destroy local initiatives trying to repair the damage caused by Arizona’s illegal immigration influx. Local leftists are concerned that efforts to stop the Establishment self-perpetuation system for selecting State Judges might break this barrier. (Chief Justice Ruth McGregor is fighting the legacy of a judge's transgressions two decades ago By Sarah Fenske Phoenix New Times Published on March 25, 2008 at 2:47pm

Chief Justice McGregor has been mentioned as a Supreme Court Judge. No one with such a disdain for the Rights of Englishmen deserves her current position, much less promotion.

McGregor, as is common with Judges, arrogantly shields herself and her court from public comment.

Tell the signatories of Arizona’s Hispanic Bar Association (”Los Abogados”) letter — Lizzette Alameda Zubey and Salvador Ongaro — to take their repressive culture back below the Rio Grande.

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