Will Expanding Ebola Reach America through the Open Border?
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On Wednesday, the World Health Organization announced that Ebola is now an international health emergency.

Thursday’s Sacramento Bee headlined the story on its front page with a rather frightening photo of a victim being buried by people totally swathed in protective clothing because Ebola is very contagious via bodily fluids:

It’s serious stuff, the highest level of WHO alert, but curiously there is no national quarantine:

WHO says Ebola outbreak is an international health emergency, Washington Post, Jul 19, 2019

NAIROBI, Kenya – The World Health Organization took the rare step Wednesday of classifying an ongoing Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo as a “public health emergency of international concern,” just days after a first case of the virus was confirmed in the major city of Goma, on the border with Rwanda.

The last time the global health body declared an international emergency for Ebola was during the 2014-2016 outbreak in West Africa that killed more than 11,000 people. The designation means this outbreak qualifies for a higher level of global vigilance and mobilization to stem its spread.

Ebola began spreading in Congo’s conflict-ridden North Kivu province last summer and has infected more than 2,500 people and killed nearly 1,700, according to official Health Ministry figures. . . .

The declaration should not be used “as an excuse to impose trade or travel restrictions, which would have a negative impact on the response and on the lives and livelihoods of people in the region,” said Robert Steffen, chairman of the Emergency Committee.

Meanwhile, illegal alien Africans are now streaming through America’s open border. Fox News interviewed a young Camaroonian man in May who was apparently willing to spend a lot of money and travel thousands of miles to steal a “better life” in this country rather than work to build one at home:

N.b: the population of Africa is now 1.3 billion persons.

Open borders admit contagious disease as well as job-stealing aliens. One example was Ebola Tom (pictured) who traveled to the United States from Liberia in 2014 to mooch first-world healthcare as he knew he would receive in stupid-generous America. The nine days of medical treatment in a Dallas hospital cost $500,000, and he had no insurance.

Unfortunately for America, there’s a fair amount of overlap between the Ebola outbreak regions and areas migrants are leaving.

It’s reported that African aliens are crossing the US border in “record numbers” — though the actual figures are a little sketchy and are sure to climb. Still, the Texas Monthly detailed that from June 4 — 18, around four hundred foreigners from Angola and Congo arrived in San Antonio; and the Border Patrol says it detained 740 Africans in the Del Rio sector in the first two weeks of June.

Unfortunately, too many American communities are welcoming the Africans and other aliens rather than treating them as invaders. As a result, the United States is increasingly seen as the World Welfare Office, rather than the home of the citizens.

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