Will Congress Kowtow?
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Google News tells me the MSM is not rushing to publicize US Congress express regret for China Exclusion Laws EastDay.com 2011-05-27

The resolution in the House was introduced by Rep. Judy Chu and Rep. Judy Biggert, co-sponsored by Rep. Mike Coffman. It calls on Congress to formally acknowledge and express regret for the passage of several laws between 1882 and 1904 that "violated the fundamental civil rights of Chinese-American settlers."

Imperial China insisted on foreign diplomats performing the Kowtow. Evidently the tradition still exists.

A lot needs to be said about the facts surrounding this matter, well discussed here by Kevin MacDonald. And eventually I am likely to say it.

But in the meantime I am reminded of an anecdote furnished by a British friend.

After the humiliating 1956 Suez fiasco, it then not being politically correct to use military force in the 3rd World (things change) - and failure being even worse - the Conservative Government was in terrible trouble, with an election due in a couple of years.

The BBC had (and still has) a kind of radio Town Meeting show called Any Questions?

There was an anti-Government riot going on until the Conservative (”Tory”) MP got to respond. He said:

”We will be re-elected - because the British people know, that what the Tories did at Suez, right or wrong, successful or unsuccessful, was done with the best interests of this Country at heart, and for no other reason.”

Amazingly huge cheers ensued.

Of course he was right.

Why will no Congresscritter say this?

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