IMF after DSK: Afro-Asian boss to break Euro monopoly?
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Here's a story in the Washington Post about a groundswell of support in NY-DC for a particular non-European candidate to head the IMF that is pretty funny if you Get The Joke. (But who does, these days?)

See, since the post-WWII era, America and Europe have had a deal: the head of the World Bank is always an American and the head of the International Monetary Fund is always a European. For example, the current head of the World Bank is Robert Zoellick, and the previous one was Paul Wolfowitz. The only possible exception to this rule was the World bank leader before Wolfowitz, Sir James Wolfensohn. He became an American citizen in 1980 to be eligible for the job, but went back to Australian citizenship in 2010.

Not surprisingly, American interests have been hinting that what with the European IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn getting caught raping Third Worlders not just metaphorically, but literally, it's time to break this outdated European monopoly on the IMF. This doesn't have anything to do with America trying to take power away from Europe. It's all about diversity and social justice!

In fact, Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal have come up with the perfect diversity candidate. He's African by birth (in what's now Zambia, although it was called something very different then), Asian by current employment, and he apparently holds citizenships in both the New World (well, to be precise, the U.S.) and the Old World (you'll never, ever guess where).

You can read all about the New York financial press's diversity fusion candidate here.

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