Will Australia Fall Into China's Sphere of Influence?
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There have been a number of stories in recent weeks suggesting that Australia is falling into China’s Sphere of Influence. For example, from the Australian Broadcasting Company:

Prominent Australian academic says he has been silenced by Chinese Government

By Defence reporter Andrew Greene

Updated 13 Nov 2017, 1:07am

A leading Australian publisher claims the threat of Chinese Government retaliation is the reason it cancelled plans to print a book which further exposes Beijing’s influence on Federal Parliament and other parts of society.

Prominent Charles Sturt University academic Clive Hamilton said Allen & Unwin was ready to publish his manuscript Silent Invasion, but last week informed him it could no longer proceed because it was worried about defamation action.

“Allen & Unwin said that they were worried about retaliation from Beijing through a number of possible avenues including legal threats, orchestrated by Beijing, and they decided it was too big a risk and so therefore pulled the plug and returned the rights to me,” Professor Hamilton said.

Silent Invasion closely examines the Chinese Communist Party’s activities in Australia, and Professor Hamilton said it had already been significantly edited by lawyers.

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