Wikipedia, Paul Gottfried, And Pat Buchanan
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To be fair to the Wikipediacs, the error highlighted in Steve's blog below is not theirs originally, but Paul Gottfried's, who was presumably working from memory when he wrote it in 2006. But Gottfried's larger point is even more true:

"What does not have to be stated, because it is all too obvious for those of us who have encountered such material before, is that immigration critics have been professionally marginalised and often vilified in the national press. The immigration-critic whose work has received the most notice after Buchanan is Peter Brimelow, whose engagingly written tome Alien Nation (1995) may have sold as many as 100,000 copies. While Brimelow has tried to fuel the debate on Third World immigration through his website, which has already registered over 10 million hits, he has also been given fewer and fewer opportunities to write for major publications, despite his graceful style and his prestige as a senior editor for Forbes. Steve Sailer, who is a frequent contributor to Brimelow's website, runs a computer business in California; and given the politically incorrect topic that he addresses and the precariousness of his journalistic career, this advocate of immigration restriction is indeed wise to have other sources of income.

Sailer and those who share his views are surely aware of the professional ruin suffered by the now deceased Samuel T. Francis, who touched the third rail of politically incorrect columns once too often. A scintillating journalist who revelled in tweaking the Left, Sam took on targets that ultimately did him in, e.g., the pro-immigration Republicans and neocons who love to depict the U.S. as a "universal, propositional nation". It was not surprising that the neoconservatives, whom Sam maliciously called the "kapos of the liberal establishment", got him fired from an editorial position at the Washington Times and then made sure that no "respectable" organisations would ever invite him again to speak.

To his credit, Buchanan has called posthumous attention to his long-time friend who said true things that others dared not say. Buchanan quotes approvingly from a speech that Sam gave in 1994 praising "the civilisation that we as whites created in Europe and America". The point of this widely maligned discourse was to stress the cultural specificity of a distinctly Western society. Buchanan also invokes the memory of his fallen comrade-in-arms for noticing things about the immigration non-debate that most Americans never bother to think about. It was Sam who first observed (something that Steve Sailer has documented), that Republicans are behaving irrationally by chasing after Hispanic votes while blinking at the flood of Hispanic immigrants coming over the borders."[Review Of he State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, National Observer - Australia and World Affairs, March 22, 2006]

When Paul Gottfried wrote that, Pat Buchanan still had a job with MSNBC—he's since been fired, for the same reason as the rest of us.

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