Widener Liberal Dean Versus Conservative Professor–The Pictures Tell A Story
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I saw a couple of items about a Professor accused of Crimethink, or possibly Oldspeak at Widener University, but I didn’t really know what was going on until I saw these photographs of the Professor and the Dean on law professor Jonathan Turley’s blog:

Lawrence Connell Sues Widener Dean Linda Ammons For Defamation

We previously discussed the extraordinary actions taken against Associate Professor Lawrence J. Connell at Widener University School of Law after he used Dean Linda L. Ammons in hypotheticals in his class. He is now suing for defamatory statements that have harmed his reputation or career that painted him as a racist and sexist.

Connell suggested that Ammons and others targeted him for his “conservative, political and legal beliefs.”

Now that you’ve seen the photographs, it will not surprise you to know that Ammons [Email her]is a “critical race feminist.” There’s more to it than that, but posts  like Disciplinary Charges Filed Against Criminal Law Professor For Classroom Hypotheticals and Widener’s Dean Linda Ammons Doubles Downfrom law professors on Volokh.com would be more intelligible if they’d include this factor.

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