“Why Would You Want a Third Child?”
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The reaction to the birth of our third child from both my parents and in-laws was decidedly cool. "Why would you want a third child?" "Kids are such a hassle." "I don't know why anyone would to go through that."

At the same time, Kid Three seems to be a bit of a trend—hip, even. Mommyish.com quoted one mother as saying  that some families

“are hoping to make a certain statement with this third birth, specifically with regards to their finances….“It’s a status symbol to say that you can support and raise three children in this economy.” [New Trend Alert: Three Children Are The New Two, Didn’t You Know?, ,  May 16 2011]

Though "flaunting wealth", I can assure you, has nothing to do with our situation.

Needless to say, everyone involved here is white. The parents and in-laws are Obama voters and solidly convinced of many (though not all) of the pot-circle teachings of the 1960's. My wife and I are professionals in our later 30's with traditionalist leanings. A handful of her friends—who themselves are thoroughly acquainted with the Sarah Lawrence mindset—are having third children, which she might admit spurred along her own desire for a third.

I just don't know how to approach the question, "why would you want a third child?"

Some responses:

  • Three children could lead to nine grandchildren.  Or more.  That's who you want surrounding you on your deathbed.  Not two twenty-something Hispanic nursing home aids who are going to laugh about the stupid old gringo croaking his last breaths in Room 6.
  • Want to test my ability to extricate semi-melted hard candies from vehicle carpeting.
  • I want a future for white Christendom.
  • I secretly enjoy watching  Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Someone will need to help the SPLC maintain its all-white leadership structure into the 2050's.
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