Why The Border Patrol Is ALREADY Cutting Down On Enforcing Title 42
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Earlier: Sources: Border Patrol Only Enforcing Title 42 Sporadically

I was informed that one of the excuses given for not enforcing Title 42 already was that some of the brass wanted to see how bad it was going to be when Title 42 actually ended.  My source said that it can take as little as five minutes to "Title 42 somebody," meaning to process them and have them out the door on their way back to Mexico.  However, once Title 42 ends, all the aliens have to be WA/NTA-ed.  Basically, given an Alien file, or A file, which (among other things) contains a Warrant of Arrest and Notice To Appear (where the term to "WA/NTA" someone comes from).  The paperwork involved in that for one individual runs around an hour and a half.  If you have a thousand aliens to process and it takes over an hour to process just one adult, that winds up being a lot more hours than if it only takes five minutes to process one. 

Frankly, I have seen A-Files take a lot longer than an hour and a half.  Printers breaking down, fingerprints not coming back or getting mixed up between two different aliens, supervisors kicking back narratives that left key details out, mixing up addresses etc...

It has become so overwhelming that some of the aliens are given papers that essentially ask them to go to whichever city they intend to go in the United States, then check in with Deportation Officers (Enforcement and Removal Operations) in that city, who will complete the rest of the paper there.  The Deportation Officers are busy doing paperwork to let people into the country, same as what the Border Patrol is doing. 



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