Sources: Border Patrol Only Enforcing Title 42 Sporadically
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The stories I'm hearing from the southern border are that the Border Patrol is enforcing Title 42 sporadically. The Agents show up one day and are told that they are not doing Title 42 repatriations that day to Mexico. They'll come back into the office a day or two later and they will be informed that they are doing Title 42 again. The line-level Agents are not privy to the reasoning behind why they are allowed to send people back one day, but not the next.

However, it is obvious that the Biden administration is not fully enforcing Title 42. They might be implementing it just enough to fly under the radar of open defiance of Judge Robert Summerhays' temporary block of ending Title 42.

In the meantime, on the northern border, many of the stations have stopped patrolling 24 hours a day. Some stations are only doing two shifts, a day shift and a swing shift, but not a midnight shift. I've heard that some stations are even down to one single shift. That means that anyone crossing in from Canada can enter with great ease. Before you picture Canadians with hockey sticks skating across a frozen lake to buy beer in America and go back, keep in mind that Justin Trudeau eliminated the requirement that Mexicans needed visas to enter Canada.

Canada always had more lax rules on getting visas to enter than the United States did, so, there are Brazilians, Mexicans, Indians, Sri Lankans and other nationalities who enter Canada as an easy way to then get into the United States. (See, from 2003, Michelle Malkin's Borders Still Wide Open to Terrorand Canada's Immigration Policy Threatens U.S. Security.)

Once joining the Border Patrol, it used to be that everyone started on the southern border and then put in to transfer to the northern border. The Border Patrol went away from that briefly and had Agents directly assigned to the northern border straight out of the academy. The Patrol is back to starting everyone on the southern border again. Transfers to the northern border have been slowed. The Agents on the northern border are all doing four-week details down to the southern border with few exceptions. With all the Agents retiring or trying to find other jobs, the northern stations are becoming more and more short-staffed.

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