Why not a "Wedge Issue" for Whites?
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H/T One Old Vet for Migrant reform unlikely this year by Dan Nowicki The Arizona Republic Apr. 6, 2010

What caught my eye about this story comes at the end:

Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz., said Democrats have little to lose by immediately marching forward on immigration. If Democrats succeed, they will have delivered on a major promise to the Latino voters whose support they will need at the ballot box in November. If Republicans don't cooperate and the effort fails, Democrats will have created "a wedge issue that will cause Hispanics to come out and vote against Republicans," he said.

Now Congressman Shadegg has been pretty good on Immigration. He has a Numbers USA career ranking of A- and currently ties for best ranking in the C average Arizona delegation. Can he really think Amnesty will be a net benefit for the Democrats at the polls?

Maybe he is being ”smart like a Fox” and is hoping for Sailer Strategy benefits.

Properly handled, Immigration policy would be a great ”wedge issue” for Republicans, increasing their share of the white vote and more importantly getting more of it out. Of course that would take brains and courage.

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