Homeless Produce Third World America In L.A, But How Many Are Actual Americans?
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The City of Angels has not been getting a good press.

On March 19th Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted a video clip to X showing a throng of homeless people in downtown L.A., sitting, standing, and lying on filthy sidewalks, some of them gathered round an open fire right there in the road.

Since 2015 homelessness in the city has increased 70 percent. It’s increased thirty percent since 2019, when Gavin Newsom took the throne as Governor of California. Female homelessness in LA has increased 55 percent just the past three years, with over 90 percent of those women experiencing physical or sexual assault.

Check out Bill Melugin’s video. Third World America indeed. How many of those ragged, doped-up people on show there are actual Third World American citizens, as opposed to Third Worlders just arrived here courtesy of Joe Biden and Alec Mayorkas, I don’t know.

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