Why Is Crime Down Among Today's Youth?
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As part of my continuing coverage of unusually cinematic Southern California crimes, complete with the kind of multi-culti bands of perps that are more interesting than the usual gangs of half-cousins, here's an excerpt from the Orange County Register:
Nearly three years after a father and daughter were set ablaze and the mother, Dhanak, had her throat slit, details surrounding one of Orange County's most notorious cases are surfacing.[Iftekhar] Murtaza, 25, of Van Nuys, and his two friends — Vitaliy Krasnoperov, 24, of West Hollywood and Charles Anthony Murphy Jr., 25, of Mission Hills — remain behind bars.The trio of suspects is accused of killing Jayprakash Dhanak, 56, and Karishma Dhanak, 20, the father and sister of Shayona Dhanak, Murtaza's former girlfriend. ...The prosecutor, Senior Deputy District Attorney Howard Gundy, said a dispute over religion was at the core of the crime.Shayona Dhanak's parents disapproved of her nearly three-year relationship with Murtaza, who was Muslim. Murtaza was angry with the Dhanaks, who are devout Hindus, for interfering with his relationship, according to court records. The couple broke up several weeks before the slayings. Gundy said Murtaza wanted to kill Shayona Dhanak's family so she would have no one left but him.
One problem today's youth face in living up to the high marks set by past generations at committing a high volume of crimes is that they are so addicted to electronic communications that they leave digital trails everywhere, making it hardly worth their while to break the law. For example, the kid who stabbed seven times this woman my wife knows while stealing her cell phone and laptop, immediately called his gang friends with the stolen phone. The cops traced the calls and came down hard on the friends a few hours later, and they rolled over on him. He was arrested the day after his crime.

Similarly, these three guys in this story exchanged lots of text messages such as:

IFTEKHAR SaYz: shayonas parents made us breakup crowseeker: how?
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