Unintended Mirth from a Mexican Consul
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In Dallas, the official Mexi-booster decided to pursue a contrarian marketing scheme by naming a few tiny defects in his countrymen's national character.

Editorial: Mexican migrants due for image makeover, Dallas Morning News, January 22, 2010 Mexico's new consul general in Dallas, Juan Carlos Cué-Vega, has an admirable and ambitious agenda for the estimated 400,000 to 500,000 Mexicans living in Dallas and other cities covered by his consular region. Cué-Vega says his compatriots here have a bad reputation, and it's time for an image makeover.
With refreshing candor, he is blunt about the problem: "Frankly, we have spoken about the issues that make us not look very good, like celebrations using guns, littering, [being] noisy in the neighborhoods, leaving the kids at home while going to work. These are social and cultural things that we need to change."

Hey, just hire an image consultant to make citizens forget about the unpleasant invasion aspect and the inappropriate cultural fit. That'll work, for sure.

Plus, Senor Cue-Vega's list of behavioral piggery was far from complete. He could have included Mexican men's sexual pursuit of under-age girls, an epidemic of lethal drunk driving, a massive school drop-out rate, animal cruelty, an acceptance of corruption and propensity for crime of all sorts.

Oh, and 58 percent of Mexicans believe the American border means nada.

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