"Why `Illegal Immigrant` Is A Slur"—The Hispanic Marketing Consultant Speaks!
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From CNN:

Editor's note: Charles Garcia, who has served in the administrations of four presidents, of both parties, is the CEO of Garcia Trujillo, a business focused on the Hispanic market. He was named in the book "Hispanics in the USA: Making History" as one of 14 Hispanic role models for the nation. Follow him on Twitter: @charlespgarcia. Lea este artículo en español/Read this article in Spanish

(CNN) — Last month's Supreme Court decision in the landmark Arizona immigration case was groundbreaking for what it omitted: the words "illegal immigrants" and "illegal aliens," except when quoting other sources. The court's nonjudgmental language established a humanistic approach to our current restructuring of immigration policy.

In my orthogonal way, what caught my eye about this article was the striking "Editor's note" insisting that you'd better pay respectful attention to this guy's political opinion because he is a ... marketing consultant.

Now, you may have a tendency to treat marketing consultants' opinions as self-serving spin, but, you don't understand, this guy is a Hispanic Marketing Consultant, so you'd better listen to him. After all, we newspaper editors get almost all our opinions about Hispanics from Hispanic Marketing Consultants. They're the Gold Standard when you need a quote in a hurry about immigration. They always return phone calls and always tell our reporters exactly what they want to hear. So, listen up, buddy.
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