Why Haven't You Heard About The Great Immigration Patriot Victory In Georgia?
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A reader writes:

I just found out this morning that Governor Deal of Georgia signed SB 160 on April 25, 2013. I stumbled across the information on my Face Book page. I have heard nothing about this on the national media, not even on Fox...

I don't see any national publicity either (rather like after last year's victory in Alabama, funny thing) but there's an excellent summary by Stand With Arizona's John Hill here:

Gov. Nathan Deal yesterday signed S.B. 160 – a tough expansion of Georgia’s H.B. 87, the Arizona-style law cracking down on illegal aliens, which passed in 2011.

The La Raza lobby was left stunned and upset, believing Deal would bend to the prevailing GOP pressure for immigration appeasement in Washington, and veto it. They were sadly mistaken...

Martin Lopez, an illegal alien “immigrant rights activist” from Atlanta, was among those who demonstrated outside the state Capitol this month. He said many illegals have been using their foreign passports as a form of identification to get public benefits because the state’s 2011 law prohibits officials from accepting matricula consular cards when people apply. He said he doesn’t know “what they can do now”.

They can go back to their country, Mr. Lopez.

Emphasis in original.


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