Why Didn't Obama Settle The Succession To His Senate Seat A Year Ago?
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Politico.com has 7 Blago questions for Obama. Via Instapundit, who asks "Will he hear any of these at his next press conference?" Answer, given the press's overwhelming devotion to Obama, "No."

But the first question, ”Did you communicate directly or indirectly with Blagojevich about picking your replacement in the U.S. Senate?” , misses the obvious follow-up, "And if not, why not?"

Obama is the Democratic Junior Senator from Illinois, Blagojevich is the Democratic Governor of Illinois, and unlike Hillary Clinton, whose appointment as Secretary of State was a big surprise, Obama knew when he first  announced he was running for President (May 2007) that his Senate seat would be vacant if he won, and that Blagojevich would be appointing his replacement. Why didn't he deal with it then?

It reminds of something that W.S. Gilbert is said to have written  to a British  railway company in the nineteenth century:”Sir, Sunday morning, although recurring at regular and well foreseen intervals, always seems to take this railway by surprise.”

The fact that Obama would be leaving a Senate vacancy if he won  was as predictable as Sunday, and he should have been talking about it to Blagojevich.  If he wasn't talking to him about it, it isn't corruption, it's incompetence,

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