Friends Of Illegals Missing Corrupt Illinois Governor Already
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When I wrote an item title Illegal Immigration Enthusiast Rod Blagojevich Arrested For Corruption you might think that it's because we specialize in immigration issues that it would strike me that way.But it's not just me, illegals and their friends feel the same way. Illinois reader Dawn Mueller writes
Leaders of the illegal alien front group Illinois Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights—an Illinois Democratic Party organization that aids & abets illegal aliens—are bemoaning Blagojevich's political demise.
Here's the story:
Public officials continue to rail against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich after his arrest on federal corruption charges. But some Illinois residents say they’re feeling conflicted.

”He’s undertaken quite a number of initiatives designed to benefit immigrants in our state,” says Fred Tsao, [Email] policy director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. ”Being the son of a Serbian immigrant himself, he definitely understood immigration on a very deep and personal level.”

Governor’s Arrest Leaves Mixed Feelings Chip Mitchell,WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio, December 10, 2008

Dave Gorak has been on to the ICIRR for a long time—see Illegal In Illinois–The Treason Lobby Does Chicago, among others.
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