Why Did They Hire Hasan Minhaj To Trash Trump? Couldn't They Get A Regular American To Do It?
May 02, 2017, 08:55 AM
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An  observation about the trashing of President Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The comedian the leftist press hired to trash the president and call him a liar is an Indian Muslim, Hasan Minhaj. His parents are immigrants, but his mother went back to India to attend medical school, and returned to drop an anchor baby.

He is a "senior correspondent," whatever that means, on Trevor Noah's Daily Show. Noah, of course, is a black South African who is party Jewish. I suppose that entitles him to joke about women and the Holocaust. [ Daily Show's Trevor Noah under fire for Twitter jokes about Jews and women, by  Lauren Gambino, Guardian, March 21, 2015 ]

The question is this. Plenty of white leftists are willing to trash Trump. And they're citizens. Or are there not enough? Are these foreigners doing the jobs Americans won't do?

Whatever the answer, the Muslim's routine was another in-your-face racial attack on a white president and his white advisers that is all the more poignant, and amusing — or so the progressives believe — because it came from a dark-skinned Muslim.

Ha ha.