Why Are There So Many L.A. Dodger Fans in Dallas-Fort Worth?
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From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Los Angeles Dodgers World Series shirts sell out hours before Game 1 at Globe Life Field
OCTOBER 20, 2020 08:58 PM,

World Series apparel celebrating the National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers sold out at Globe Life Field [in Arlington, TX] before the first pitch of Game 1 Tuesday night.

Plenty of Tampa Bay Rays shirts were still available but Dodgers fans looking for a wearable World Series keepsake were out of luck. …

Because of COVID-19 pandemic precautions, only about 11,000 fans are able to attend each World Series game. In fact, the pandemic is the reason why the league is playing the World Series at the brand new, $1.2 billion stadium. It’s being used to cut down on travel for the players, personnel and media. It was also used for the National League Division Series and NLCS. Typically, the teams playing in the World Series take turns hosting games at their own ballparks.

“The Dodgers are more popular, I guess,” she said. “There have been more Dodgers fans than Rays.”

I doubt if the Dodgers, a very rich franchise who play their homegames after other parts of the country have gone to bed, are grass roots favorites outside of Southern California.

My guess is that instead the Dallas Metroplex is full of tax and cost-of-living exiles from Southern California who like greater affordability of Texas, but miss the Dodgers, while Texas has fewer transplants from Tampa Bay and Orlando. Florida doesn’t have an income tax, and while housing isn’t cheap, it’s a lot cheaper than SoCal.

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