Why Are the Young Men of Africa Flocking to Europe?
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From The Guardian:
Dreaming of Europe: the last young man left in a Senegalese village

Life is lonely and humiliating for Goundo Wandianga, 21, whose friends and twin brother have all gone to seek their fortunes

The article isn’t particularly illuminating, but it also doesn’t yank your chain too badly to try to get you to believe that all these young men are leaving Senegal because there is some sort of temporary crisis going on there from which the young men (but not the women or children or elderly) need refuge.

I tried looking up the news from Senegal to see if there was some sort of terrible disaster enfolding there that I hadn’t heard about, but most of the recent news from Senegal concerned how well the national soccer team is playing.

In reality, they go to Europe because they are looking forward to an adventure.

It’s perfectly understandable, but it doesn’t mean you have to let them in.

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