Why Are So Many Famous Hate Crimes Actually Hate Hoaxes?
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Commenter candid_observer writes:

candid_observer says: November 15, 2017 Why would so many of the nationally publicized “hate crimes” turn out to be fake? Precisely because they are so over-the-top that they come to national attention.
A lot of actual hate crimes are just kind of boring and depressing: e.g., a kid in juvenile hall carves an anti-gay slur in the effeminate kid’s bunk.
They are typically in universities, or other “esteemed” institutions, where they would seem a priori to be especially against the culture and outrageous.
A lot of celebrated “hate crimes” turn out to be like celebrated conspiracy theories. I’m always pointing out that a lot of major events in history were the results of conspiracies — e.g., the assassinations of Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, and the archduke Franz Ferdinand. On the other hand, the conspiracy theories that appeal to conspiracy theorists tend to be stupid. Similarly, the “hate crimes” that attract national attention, like the Air Force Academy one, so often tend to be stupid.
They also typically use exactly the sort of language and provocation which racists are, supposedly, wont to use, in the minds of the left. They are, therefore, perfect for The Agenda.
But of course it’s all a figment of the fevered imaginations of the left — a figment faithfully followed by the hoaxers. One can almost always tell in advance if a “hate crime” is a hoax by the perfection of its construction. It will use exactly the words The Narrative demands, and will involve exactly the actions The Narrative expects (“He ripped off my hijab!!”). Hate hoaxers lack the brains for subtlety.
Another reason that national publicized incidents of often turn out to be be fiascos is because the cops / prosecutors on the spot decide that, no, this wasn’t a hate crime and then the national media roars in hoping to win a Pulitzer for exposing the vast Conspiracy of Hate that keeps, say, the Sanford, FL police department from incarcerating obvious Aryan Nation member George Zimmerman (to cite an example).

There, the hoax was largely that the press refused to connect the dots and explain, “Uh, we got this story really, really wrong. We were wrong about George Zimmerman being white. We were wrong about Trayvon Martin being a tiny angelic child. We were wrong to not mention for several months that Zimmerman was covered in blood. We were wrong to not mention that it was a would-be gay-bashing. Why did we get so much so wrong? We just wanted a Great White Defendant so bad we could taste it.”

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