Did Trayvon Gaybash Zimmerman?
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Back on March 31, 2012, I blogged:
Let's try thinking like Tom Wolfe: for maximum discomfiture. Here's a possibility that might come out at, say, a trial of George Zimmerman if Crump dares put the girlfriend on the stand and expose her to cross-examination: It's hardly implausible that Trayvon Martin might have worried that this strange man was following him in the dark for homoerotic purposes, and he might have mentioned that concern to his girlfriend over the phone. 

Then on May 18, 2012 I blogged:

From the New York Times: 
Martin Spoke of ‘Crazy and Creepy’ Man Following Him, Friend Says
By Serge F. Kovaleski  
... In the sworn interview recorded on April 2, which runs more than 22 minutes, the unidentified 16-year-old said Mr. Martin described a man who was “crazy and creepy” and on the phone, watching him from a vehicle before he started to follow him on foot. 
Keep in mind that the cops didn't get to talk to this unidentified girl until almost two weeks after attorney Benjamin Crump coached her through a talk with ABC News, and that there is no recording of this phone call (unless Echelon has it, of course). 
Now we know from her testimony that what Trayvon called Zimmerman was a "creepy ass cracker." Most of the attention has been focused upon the second Cr-word, but what about the first? What's the difference between "creepy ass cracker" and, say, "crazy ass cracker"? I'd say there's a notable difference. In this context, "crazy" would have no gay implication, while "creepy" suggests that Trayvon thought Zimmerman might be homosexual.

Indeed, as a commenter notes, when the young lady who was talking to Trayvon on the phone was asked to explain what this phrase meant, she replied, "Pervert."

From CBS:
Jeantel said Martin complained to her that a man he described as a "creepy ass cracker" was following him through the community as he was walking home from buying snacks at a 7-Eleven. "He kept complaining that a man was just watching him," Jeantel said.

Martin told her he wanted to try and "lose" the man and starting walking back home, leaving the area near the mailboxes, she said.

"So he told me the man was looking at him, and I had to think it might have been a rapist," Jeantel said.
The Trayvon case, with its semi-literate and not very satisfactory star witness, suggests why white liberal elites have been shifting their patronage from blacks to gays as their Favorite Victim Group.
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