Why Are Blacks Moving To Conservative Southern States?
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Thomas Edsall of the NYT is aghast that while there are now lots and lots of black legislators in Southern state legislatures, they almost all represent the minority party (Democrats). Something should be done! (And, no, not some blacks should join the GOP.) The Feds should help the Democrats win in the South.[The Decline of Black Power in the South, July 10, 2013]

It's funny, though, how blacks keep migrating to states like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina. You might almost think that blacks find they do better in Republican-run states that are pro-jobs and pro-affordable family formation than in liberal Democratic states like Vermont, where prices are high and the economy shackled. Isn't it time for Vermont to start a strong affirmative action campaign to rid it self of its shame of being the least diverse state in America?

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