Neocons Starting To Worry A Re-elected Trump Will FINALLY Pull Out Of NATO And Let Europeans Fend For Themselves
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Earlier: It Should Be A “European Union Treaty Organization," Not NATO—And The U.S. Should Be Out Of It

If you’ve read much of what I write here, you’ll know that one of my pet peeves concerns NATO.

No, I’m not opposed to the Euros having a defense alliance, although I think their priority should be to defend themselves against the hordes moving north from Islamia and Africa. A European defense alliance is a good sensible idea.

I just don’t see why we should be in it. We should have left NATO thirty-three years ago when the Warsaw Pact folded up its tents. NATO should be reorganized as EuTO, the European Treaty Organization.

Well, here was foreign affairs analyst Harley Lippman talking to the MailOnline, May 16th. Quote from him:

I’m not saying for certain that Trump will pull us out of NATO, but it’s just too high a risk for Europe not to be prepared, because right now they’re relying on America.

I had never heard of this bloke Lippman. On a quick lookup, he seems to be a die-hard neocon. He knows what’s what, though, and is busy with meetings and conferences, most recently in the London House of Commons to, according to the Mail, ”discuss the dangers of American isolationism.”

Dangers, phooey. What’s more dangerous than getting involved in other nations’ quarrels when they don’t directly concern us?

Still, I’m always glad to see the prospect of our withdrawing from NATO get an airing, even from a neocon. Whether President Trump will be able to focus on the issue for long enough to actually get it done is of course an open question, but we live in hope.

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